In Cubase 13 Pro: Cannot select a MIDI channel for Sampler Tracks

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It seems that I cannot access the Input Transformer for a Sample Track. I know that the Input Transformer for MIDI tracks has been moved in the Inspector but it seems to be gone for Sample Tracks.
I write generative programs that feed into Cubase using a virtual MIDI “cable” (Loop MIDI) and without the ability to channelize the input the Sample Track plays in Omni mode. I have found a work around by sending the output of a MIDI channel (using the channel filtering capability of the Input Transformer) to the Sample Track.
Of course, to hear the original MIDI data and the Sample Track simultaneously, I have to create extra MIDI tracks to double the output from my generative program.
I tried to use the Transformer as a MIDI Effect for three channels to no avail. All three MIDI channels were recorded on all three Sample Tracks.
If I am mistaken about the lack of the Input Transformer on Sampler Tracks, I apologize for posting and hope that someone can point out where this functionality can be found (Yes, I read the manual.).
If I am correct can I make a plea to have this functionality returned?

I think this is something that only got halfway implemented. In Cubase 12 a Track’s Channel Number setting only effected MIDI playback not recording, so folks had to use the Input Transformer in order to filter what a Track recorded based on MIDI Channel. But with Cubase 13 that behavior got changed and a Track’s MIDI Channel Number now filters what the Track will record, which is a good move. Except the Sampler Track doesn’t seem to have a control to set the MIDI Channel Number.

I’d suggest adding an issues tag to your post and maybe change the title to be about not being able to set the MIDI Channel on a Sampler Track.

Thanks for the verification.
I will follow your advice.


Hi Ken,
this is a known issue which has already been fixed for the next maintenance release.
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Excellent, thanks for the update.

Good to know and thanks for the update!