In Cubase, how to Link E Maps-Tempo Tracks etc to project

RUNNING: WIN 10, CUBASE 9, KONTAKT 5.6.8, VEP PRO 6 ,RME 400, AKAI MPK88, 5 2TB 7500 DRIVES, 64 GB

I have a problem in Cubase 9 with linking Expression Map and Tempo and Signature tracks to changes in projects.
For example, if I am working on a string quartet of, say, 25 bars.
On my 1st pass with this project I will have incorporated multiple articulations for all 4 instruments using my custom Expression Maps run through Kontakt Banks, utilizing “different” as the E Map application in Cubase.
I would also have a varied Tempo Track and very possibly within the Signature track could have one or more Time signature variables from 4/4.
Now, on my 2nd pass I want to insert an extra bar at measure 13.
I’ll use Cubase’s “Add Silence” function which I’ll trigger with a keyboard shortcut of mine of which is “s” and Cubase inserts the bar and slides the rest of the project down one bar.
However the Expression Map articulations placements, Tempo and Signature Track info’s are not moved with the bars they apply to.
So now the articulation markings, et al, are one bar off for the from their original placements, because they are not linked in the project so as to move with the changes of Bar and/or Beat positions are created .
Another problem is when dragging a note in an Editor out to the left to lengthen it.
The note moves but none of the relevant info will move with it.
So I then have to go back in and perform copy-pastes or redraw in the E Map placements, and if applicable, all Tempo alterations, Automation, cc lanes etc. None of these sequencing functions seem linked to each other, at least within midi sequencing.
But it seems to me that I remember that in earlier versions of Cubase we had, I believe, a Preferences command that would link all of this kind of detail to function together in a project.
I’ve been scrolling through both preferences and in the manual for a command but I’m striking out here .
It may be that I don’t remember the Cubase terminology for the function.
Could someone help me out here and advise me in what I have to do to link all of the above functions together as a Cubase default?

Thank you-in advance!

Not sure about your first issue but regarding your second issue I’ve had the same problem and I think I might have a solution…
At the top of the midi editor is the toolbar and there should be a button that says “Auto Select Controllers” which you need to highlight. If it’s not there check in the setup toolbar menu by clicking on the little gear icon in the upper right of the midi editor window. Hopefully this helps!


Thanks Zoberflote. I know of the Tool Bar Automation functions including the “Automation Follows Events” button,and unless I’ve inadvertantly disabled it by accident while working (don’t know how that would happen) it is on, all of the time.
Do you know how Cubase defines a “Note Event”?
Thanks again for your time and effort in sending this out!