In Cubase HS sound cuts out after a few secs

I was unable to get sound out of HSSE even though indicators in HSSE showed the plugin was receiving MIDI input and the indicators in Cubase 6 showed it was getting output from HSSE. A post to this forum didn’t produce a solution.

Trying to get around the problem I installed the full version of HS that came as a trial with Cubase 6. I load HS on an Instrument track in Cubase, load a patch, play through a midi keyboard and get a few seconds of sound and then the sound cuts out. Load a different patch, get another few seconds of sound from the new patch and the sound cuts out again.

Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it? When I opened HS in CUbase it informed me I have 1 day on the trial so I don’t think the problem is that the trial has run out.

–Kevn - Parametric Monkey