In Engrave, having trouble selecting a section

Trying to “make into frames” for page turns – cannot select a section with shift key…?

It’s not just for frames, any kind of selection with shift key doesn’t work. Can only select one item.

Click the first item, then command (Mac) Ctrl (Windows)-click the last item.
Or make the selection in write mode first.


This would be a problem if Make Into Frame/System was dependent on selecting the whole passage, but thankfully that’s not required (or expected) in Dorico. Select the first item then Cmd or Ctrl click the last item, then click Make Into Frame/System, as per the procedure in the manual.

Is there a reason that shift-click works in Write mode to make a selection, but not in Engrave mode? Just curious, I’ve always wondered.

I think what I’ve read before is that when you select a passage, Dorico has to read all the properties for everything within the selection. In Engrave mode, those properties are way more numerous and, if the selection is large or the computer is insufficiently powered, Dorico can grind to a halt.

I’m struggling to think of anything that you can actually do with a passage selection in Engrave mode, though. Scale and color, I suppose, but those are available in Write mode too.

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That was it, thank you!

Thanks - that makes sense!