In fact, theres sound diferences in newest versions ?

Hi friends!
Im still looking for some records in any versions and diferent DAWS, and, i want to ask for my experient friends here: Theres a SONOROUS diference in record the same instrument , with the same hardware, in Cubase 4, 5 ou 7, 8, 9.5 ???

I don’t talk about tools and visual and resources, but sound.

Great day, good records!

No, if no plugins or processing are used, the raw recording will sound the same in all versions of Cubase.

Recent versions of Cubase have an improved Channel Equalizer, the old plugins have new functionality and there are many new effects that can help you get a better sound, but the raw recording quality will always be the same as every other well programmed DAW.

I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish with that link but please stop reading sites written by con-artists trying to sell crappy eBooks and making you click on affiliate links. That list is hilariously useless, and doesn’t say ANYTHING useful about each DAW. He probably didn’t ever use most of them.

Okay, but do not think that I will stop reading what I want, and draw my own conclusions, when I want. If I have the humility to come and publicly ask some doubt, even if it is silly, it seems that not everyone is the same and thinks they know a great deal, perhaps more than all; I do not know why they are in forums. When become wise, more aware that there is much to learn and to teach, man will be.

I still have no idea what you’re trying to say.

Your question was if there was a difference in sound quality. I explained that every version of Cubase and every other DAW ever sounds the same. What’s the point of that link? It has nothing to do with what I said and it would absolutely useless in any kind of discussion.

As you can see, there are even rankings of personal opinions on different DAWS and their visual, sound, tools, etc. qualities.

Yes, my question was about recording quality and you helped me to realize that being the RAW record dependent only on the interface and AD processing of this, within any DAW, at first the quality of sampling and conversion would be the same.