In-line toolbar doesn't align property

The toolbar (not quite certain about the terminology for that bar that says “File Edit Project Etc.”) doesn’t align properly when DPI scaling is disabled specifically for Cubase 8. I click on Transport, and it brings in the Media menu. Screenshots to show what I mean:



I know it’s because of the display scaling being selectively disabled for Cubase, which means the title bar is a different size, but if I turn scaling off for everything on this computer, EVERYTHING ELSE is too small.

If I re-enable scaling for Cubase, then my 12" screen won’t fit the whole UI.

Is there a way around this? Can I return to a more traditional toolbar?
Or is there another solution?


I’m not sure, since I don’t have the problem, but I’ve heard it was because of the changed fontsize that it does this.

Try changing your fontsize back to normal in control panel of Windows and see if it gets better. It does look like your fonts are bigger than normal…

Thanks for the response…

Yes, the ‘font size’ is different than usual. That is because Windows 8.1 uses High-DPI Scaling. In other words, it makes things bigger so that very high definition displays are actually:
a) Readable
b) Usable with Touch

There is no actual “Font Size” option in Control Panel.

Considering that this is a 12" 2K display, turning off the scaling for the whole system makes things EXTREMELY TINY.

Cubase is too big if scaling is on. With it off, the bar is incorrect

Unless you mean there is some sort of font size option in the Cubase preferences. That might work…

I might check that later, but I left my E-Licenser at home.

Once again, thanks.