In master pages, text edit dialog may be hidden

I was editing a master page and when I went to set the font size for the “XXX” text, I couldn’t find the font control. I had to scratch my head awhile before I realized that half of that popup was being obscured. You can get around this problem by shifting or zooming the master page before editing it, but the program should always try to put the popup somewhere it is fully visible.

You can also use shift-alt-click to cycle through all possible clickable items (and press enter when the right text field gets selected, to edit it).

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I always indent my centered fields about 5 spaces precisely to make it easier to click on left and right-aligned fields without difficulty. Using the Properties panel, making the indents is very quick.

Yes, it is easy to work around, once a person understands what has happened. But I had to study this 30 minutes or more before I figured out what had happened. It appeared to me that something had broken with the popup because the most important controls were not displaying… The software should not display a popup in a place that isn’t visible.