In memoriam: LQM... "The Quiet Man"

It was a little over a year ago now that Martin “leedsquietman” passed away…

The Quiet Man

Well done Ian, Martin Brown touched many here. Thanks for remembering.


Yeah, a year.

Martin was my friend. I helped him finish this album,
then he was gone.



Yes, Ian, I think it’s good to occasionally remember these things, we all are mere mortals after all.



Nicely done, Ian. I gave his last album another listen. Some good stuff in there.

I just all of a sudden remembered LQM out of the blue.
Strange when it happens.
Anyway, I give it a


His passing certainly was a shock. One day you’re having a nice friendly exchange here, he was always helful and interested, all seems well in the world, and the next day… he’s gone :frowning:

I must remix this song one day actually… I recall it was a bit of a rush job at the time.

yeah, that was the strange thing. I understood his health wasn’t too stable and that was it, the way he worded it. I’ve never heard of the autoimmune issues he mentioned and some other things he mentioned was also kind of new to me, but he kind of toned it down. I check that out some day, I thought, being curious by nature. Next thing he had stepped out of time :open_mouth: Hard to grasp!

I must admit I had forgotten about Leeds. I still have his record on my drive, only listened to it once.

I applaud the sentiment, Ian – you’ve done a good thing here, because it has brought back into our memory someone who should always live on within it :sunglasses:

People do live on in memories ( and in our case, hard drives, its on mine also). If we forget them, they fade away.

Here’s to Leeds…

I do believe it’s important for us to remember. But I also believe, in some form, Leeds is still very much alive, out there somewhere, perhaps wandering the cosmos, exploring