In my room

New song called “In my room” a bit heavier and a bit longer than is normal for me…If you’ve got the time please have a listen…had a tough time producing this so feedback appreciated…Kevin

Great guitar tones. On my speakers the mix seems to have too much high end and the initial lick is a little too hot for what comes in afterwards. In the 3 min mark it is reminiscent of The Yardbirds which is a good thing.

The guitar is so clean I have to ask , are you playing this? What is your set up?

Nice use of Mixolidian Flat 6th scale :smiley:

and a flat 2nd and 9. in other words malmstein.

i like the tune has a bit of a led zep thing going on ,the chorus gitar id dump for a twangy slight crunch jimmy page type vibe and not spread as much across the whole field ,and id try the vox in mono with a mono reverb right up the middle it would make them appear smaller but wraped in a coat of guitars . toms sounded good and some nice little fx going on ,some of the high mids and highs frequencys were a bit strong and started to hurt my ears a bit ,im guilty of this also, being a guitarist of the hendrix flavour i like my highs ,ive got whistling ears to prove it.

Hi Mr M…I’ve reduced the “hotness” of the guitar lick at the beginning and softened the top end.(I hope)
Regarding the guitar, yes I am playing and It is an Epiphone Les Paul model through an old Boss BR-1600 guitar preset (which is the reason I kept it) then an API compressor and Waves doubler, thanks for looking in and taking the time to comment…Kevin

er’ yeah…umm, mixolidian scale…err’ I knew that :confused: thanks for listening…Kevin

Hi, thanks for listening…reduced the top end and thinned out the vox a bit…the vox is in mono with stereo rev which I’ve left on for now but I take your point…was gonna do it on this new mix but forgot…I’m always on a very short fuse with songs that I think I’ve finished…can’t wait to see the back of em…and err’ yeah…malmstein ( whatever that is) was in my head during the guitar solo :confused: Kevin

I love the feel of the piece, Kevin. It’s got a powerful yet moody vibe.
I can’t comment on the mix cuz my computer’s down and I listened
On iPhone speakers. :slight_smile:
It actually translates pretty well to these tiny speakers. I could hear
Everything cutting through. I will need to install the onboard iPhone
Subwoofer for improved low end, though. Lol.…

Thank you lenny…hope you get your "puter’ sorted…Kevin


This is very cool. Nice change up at the chorus.

I really like the way you add different instruments that drop out and then come back at various times to add some different colors.

Thanks for your comment and for takin the time mate…Kevin

Great work, the chorus gives a nice breath mix could be a bit darker. Maybe cymbals to bright and Bass/kick could use a little thump in low end. Guitars are really well played thanks for sharing this…love the end

Yeah, I get totally fed up and shoot myself…luckily my aim is about as good as my production so I missed !!, I did have trouble with the cymbals on this and reduced the high end after comments from Mr M, clearly not enough.thanks for your comments kz…Kevin

Really like this song… but I usually do like your stuff. I think the arrangement is pretty much all there and really good… just for me the mix needs more ‘balls’ and the drums do feel a little ‘lightweight’ performance wise - I think there’s room and potential for them to be much more ‘dramatic’.

I’m thinking a lot darker! :smiling_imp:

Another good song Kevin! :slight_smile:

Nice job Kevin! Of course I realize you’ve been critiqued and made some adjustments by the time I listened. Nice vocals too! Are you also singing?

Hi, thanks for looking in sherz…tried to make the drums as big as poss but kept running into allsorts of problems…so did the best of a bad job…

Hi suprawill 1…yeah…me singing, I’m a one man band…do everything on every song…thanks for you kind comment, must’ve been great in the olden days when you went to a producer, strummed your song and they took over and made it sound good…Kevin

That guitar at the beginning sounds absolutely heavenly; totally digging that. Sounds like you used a nice reverb on it, and whatever setting you used definitely works nicely. Really cool piece overall, very fun once the vocals come in.

Hi bane, thanks for listening…got lucky with the guitar sound…Kevin

Didn’t you use any reverb on the guitar part at the beginning? I see you have Lexicon reverb.

Another good one, Kevin, one of your better ones, I’d say. I agree with Ian - a little more balls for contrast would be good. Your songs tend to have a very airy sound. I don’t if that is the right word, but high-end shimmery quality. Which is one of the nice things about them. But in this song, maybe at some point some power chords and hard hit bass and drums with little less shimmery stuff up top would give it an interesting contrast. I really like the guitar sound in the beginning. Waves doubler is doing that? So it’s in Doubly? Not too long for me.