In need of recorded studio work to mix (learning process)

Hi erveryone,

Lately I have recorded two songs with our band, there was a lot of time involved mixing and mastering but it was very fun to work on. But to be honest: I can’t hear the music anymore, just heard it too often. So the fun is off, at least for these two songs.

Luckily we are working on new stuff but the progress is slow, we collaborate partial online/through USB drives (yeah 1995 is back) and as you can guess this takes time. In the meanwhile I would like to learn more, just keep practicing how to mix a song. It is since about 2 years that I record and mix so I am not the professional but also I am not a complete noob, at least I feel that way.

Does anybody know a forum or another place where I could offer my help mixing other peoples music? I really do not care about the type of music but I am rock / heavy oriënted. I wish back in the day someone would have offered me such thing. Also I do not care about $ (no!). Just wanting to experience and if I can be of any help in such case then we’d all be happy.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe a site where others seek some collaboration?


This website offers multitracks for educational purposes if you need something to practice on.
There is likely other resources out there that offers something similar for free.

In addition, there are a number of paid-for online classes that also offer their students access to multitracks—often recorded in a pro studio with awesome gear. Puremix is an example of such service.

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Thanks for the info mlindeb, appreciate it. Seems there is a lot out there that I do not know, I will investigate both websites.