In need of some Help


I’m very new to home studioing and digital audio recording, so please be gentle. I am used to being on the musician side of the studio, so learning this stuff is daunting to say the least. I’ve recently taken the plunge, purchased some gear, and attempted to make my first recordings; it did not go well! I read some things, watched some videos, read some more, and now I am here asking for help because there is so much that is not right. Hopefully I can work through the issues and get to making some art!

I bought a Steinberg UR44-C, and I have Cubase AI 10.5.12 “installed”.

  1. Problem 1 was the installation of Cubase. Absolute nightmare. I have a tiny SSD C drive reserved for Windows only and I do all my computing on D drive. This made installing Cubase an exercise in frustration as it attempted to use C to unpack the .rar and even after I told it to use D for the page file to unpack this install, it continued to attempt to install (and fail) to install all these additional items like instruments, groove agents, and sounds to the C drive. It didn’t ask me where to put those, it just tried on C and told me a zillion times how each one failed after the fact. Absolutely horrendous.

I have taken steps to fix the install, trying to reinstall and using the Library Manager to move things and tell the computer where the new libraries are, but it seems it may not have worked as tutorials and examples show huge lists of instruments and such to choose from, where my lists are empty. If I knew I could get an installation process that wasn’t going to throw countless errors, I would probably try to re-install again.

  1. Yamaha Steinberg Drivers vs ASIO4ALL? Which is preferred? What do you use? At one point in my setup saga, I got input to work using the Yamaha drivers but I noticed a fair amount of latency. I read about ASIO4ALL, and downloaded it. It seemed to be great and removed any latency I was experiencing! Problem is now I can only seem to detect input using the Yamaha drivers. When I chose ASIO4ALL under the Studio Setup > VST Audio System, all input goes silent. I want to use ASIO4ALL (I think?) because of its lack of latency. I don’t understand why it wont detect sound input. When I switch between the two, I can see the Yamaha drivers have 5x more latency than ASIO4ALL (16ms vs 3ms).

  2. I believe I have additional issues like VST libraries being not detected, but I’d like to at least be able to consistently record a bass or guitar through direct input before I move on to that. I do seem to have some different amps to chose from when fooling around with recording a guitar, but I suspect I might be missing a whole bunch due to the install problems described in 1. I suppose I need a way to confim that I have a healthy and proper install of everything needed before I bother to continue. How would that best be done?

Basically, I haven’t had much success on my own, and even looking things up is difficult because I am not sure if what I see is right on my screen when it doesn’t match a tutorial I might be following. I might be barking up the wrong tree, doing things out of order etc. I would appreciate anyone kind enough to help me sort this out.

I tried using the pinned tutorial on this very forum about what to do when you start up Cubase, but it appears to be 9 years old and many of the menu selections mentioned don’t appear to exist anymore. It confuses me even more.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help in any way.


  1. Sorry, what exactly is the problem with the libraries?

  2. Use Yamaha Steinberg Driver, please. This offers you much more options (using DSP FXs) and it should offer better performance. If you have any ASIO issues, try to use LatencyMon to test your system, please.

  3. The installation process is simple. Just download the Full Installer and use this one. All you need is packed in.