In Nuendo 7 and NEK 7, a white screen appears instead of Drum Editor

I have a problem.
I have Nuendo 7 and NEK 7. Recently (unless after upgrade) I do not want to open Drum Editor and Key Editor. A white screen appears. And then Nuendo freezes. Shutdown is not available.
I tried to install again - reinstall the last upgrade - unfortunately without a good result. Next a white screen is shown.
I also have Nuendo and NEK 5.5 - everything works perfectly on the same computer.

What to do?

I solved the problem by advice on:

in the sub title: Initializing preferences

It is hard to find the Preferences file. You have to do as Steinberg advises:
“Open the ‘Run’ command prompt by pressing the Windows logo key and R on the keyboard simultaneously. The Windows key is located between the keys Ctrl and alt.”

Then you see User (Leszek in my PC)> AppData> Roaming> Steinberg

I put the contents of the Steinberg file. There I found the Nuendo 7 64bit file, and the UserPreferences file in it.

The UserPreferences file I copied to the desktop (but it probably is not needed) - but the original found in the Nuendo 7 64bit file I deleted.

Wyszedłem z tego I left this - and opened Nuendo 7.


Thanks to the great Steinberg Support :exclamation: :smiley: :smiley: I read, I applied, I won! :smiley: