In Pattern editor, is there no 'Insert Note Length'? It's cumbersome when working with slices

Hi, when I slice a loop, it creates a pattern automatically and with the MIDI note lengths automatically made.

but If I am then going to create my own, I seem to only be able to add 16thth notes and then have to adjust each one after?

Either, I’d like to see an ‘insert note length’ or, better yet, a new feature that automatically sizes the MIDI note the length of the slice.

Enable the Show Note Length icon next to i icon. Now you are able to draw in note length.
Screenshot 2019-11-24 09.41.54.png

Yes I know how to do that, I’m wondering if there is a way to change the default insert length which seems to currently be 16th, is I can change insert length to 1/8th 1/4?

It’s very slow to have to draw each time, when I know that the loop may be based around a 1/8th note slices

this might help.
insert notes with different length.gif

ahhhh sneaky little bugger hidding there :ugeek:

thanks bru~!