In Place Editor Crash

I have key commands to change the length quantize value. Works perfect in the key editor. But when I use one of these commands while in the in place editor, Cubase crashes.

Mac Pro OS 10.8.3

Are you talking about the quantize value? There is no key command to change length quantize specifically. What exact key command is causing the crash?

As far as KC’s for “Set Quantize To” they are working correctly in the edit in place editor.

Have you tried this in an otherwise empty project, or with preferences suppressed in Cubase Safe Mode (launch with shift-option-command)?

Are you are talking about set insert length?

I found a reproducible crash. With Edit in Place open, use any Key Command from the section “Set Insert Length” cubase exits.


Yes, I’m talking about the set insert length.

So go to the link I posted above and confirm the issue…