In-place editor does not include latest C11+ features

I add this one because I think (as a developer myself), that it should very useful and yet not too hard to add (if there is, like I suspect ; code reuse possible for the keyboard editor when it is visualized as in-place):

From probably trivial to not trivial list to add:

  • Add a way to adjust key notes height (can be damn thin on a large zoomed out arrange) and maybe if not too hard apply an algorithm that takes min / max note pitches and automatically centers the keyboard view on it as a starting point
  • Add pitch visibility menu button and handle refresh change in sizes so that it enables the pitch visibility options optimally in the current in-place menu (e.g. the available height should be used optimally once less keys are visible)
  • Add a drum edit view as well for parts with a drum map (like GM drum maps)