In praise of filters

I just want to offer up a little word of thanks to the dev team, for a feature that is not new, but is powerful and serves me so very well day in and day out: filters.

I find these to be so very powerful and useful, that I have unwittingly made selections in other programs with the intent to filter bits of data, only to discover that these other programs (non-notation) do not have or support any type of filtering.

I know that filters aren’t unique to Dorico, but they are wonderful, and they make me happy, and I wish more programs had them.

Thank you.


For anyone new to using filters, don’t forget you can assign complex key commands for them too. I use Ctrl+F, D to filter all dynamics, Ctrl+F, S for slurs, Ctrl+F, Q for chord symbols, etc.


I find filters are also helpful when dealing with some of the threads on the forum. I’ve managed to filter my responses to several posts. :thinking: