In praise of insert mode (words I never thought I'd write)

Before Dorico 4, insert mode created so much mayhem for me that I disabled all its keystroke commands and vowed never to touch it again. However, the new version is a revelation, and I now find myself using it constantly, and saving lots of time by doing so. Most of the praise must go to the stop position marker feature, but right-click option 4 (Global Adjustment of Current Bar) is an inspired development, saving goodness knows how many commands involving time signatures and the like. Bravo to the team.

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I’m really glad to hear this, Gareth. As I’ve said before, how Insert mode works in Dorico 4 is how we imagined it would work when we first dreamed it up. It’s unfortunate that it’s taken so long to bring its actual implementation up to par with that original vision, but it’s great to have got it there.