In Praise of IRV

Just want to say how brilliant the improvements to Play mode are, particularly “IRV” (Independently Routed Voices or something…).

I have lots of pieces with several Flows, in which the Violin part is marked “Solo” just for one Flow.

Of course, I could create a separate Single Player just for that Flow, (and remember to included it in the Part) – but now I can just point the music to a different VST sample for that Flow!

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I really like how each voice has now a separate track in play mode. It makes it so much easier to understand what is routed to where.

IRV has to go, I suggest a stream that branches, like this (quickie 3D mockup)

But is it really any different from 3.5?

The iconography and text was clear and obvious, this flow, all flows, and the voice.

AFAIK it’s just giving you the subtracks, which is nice, but maybe I’m missing something.

I’ve just been trying to figure out what IRV is, so I am now enlightened. Is there a manual entry that explains it at the moment?

No. If you want to read about the new Play mode, please refer to the Dorico 4 Version History PDF for the time being.

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