In project window, Volume on wave not always there

Sometimes when I cut a left and right section of a wave in the project page, I can go to the center and bring down the volume between the section I just cut. However other times that function is not available. I use the object selector to adjust the volume of the section I want to change. I try to click on the top of the wave to hopefully get it to respond but it does not

What am I doing wrong?

There’s a couple of legitimate times when you don’t get a volume handle that come to mine (well, there may be more but I can’t think of others at the mo…).

One is when the Event is locked, it will then have a padlock symbol on the top right corner.

The other is when its not an Event but a Part… A Part is a container for Events and it doesn’t have a volume or fades, to adjust these you double click the Part and adjust the Events inside. You can move between using Events and Parts with the Audio->EventsToParts and Audio->DissolveParts functions.

Other than that, maybe you have a bug? Perhaps post some screen shots?


The infoline is helpful. No need to zoom in so that volume handles get visible in the first place in case of very small events.

Thanks for the reply; I think you nailed it, the section I cut is a part and not an event. I double clicked the section and open it up, I am still not sure what to do. To be honest I never used this section in all my years with Cubase. I found it confusing and anything I really needed to do like fade in or fade out, I was able to do with the normal wave editing. I am thinking how I adjust the volume is to select a range, go to Audio, Process, Gain. Is that what I would do to adjust the volume?