In response to: Things are about to change with the Steinberg Forums

Just a random chat on what you think about this new announcement about forum changes…-or not, its just babbling basically…
(Just like what this announcement feels like to me , but more)
-since they lock those announcement threads, i figure i would copy a community friendly version below:p
(Added my subjective , maybe not to be taken too seriously, comments:p)

Steinberg are pleased to share the news that we will soon be rolling out a brand new system for hosting our community discussions.

For many years, we have used the stalwart forum software phpBB, but the time has come to renew our investment in our communities and secure the future of our discussions.
Meh, coulda done it all in phpbb for free

We have selected a discussion platform called Discourse which gives us the following benefits:
a modern, efficient, mobile-friendly user interface > This format is fine - all you need to do is actually tweak it better
a simplified login process by unifying user accounts with MySteinberg > why would you do this? It leaves us more vunerable for potential pw leaks > - oh, if you think about it and throw some current sentiment into the picture - > this would allow crappy mods or whoever has access to our forum accounts (usually low level security access) , while disagreeing with one of us (whoever) at some point, to simply deactivate accounts/elicenser access… - just because of a knotted panty and lack of intellectual maturity to allow for an open discourse or whatever, idk… just saying :stuck_out_tongue: people should have a separation /level of safety between their ability to make music with cubase and the facist boot stepping down on our necks from somewhere threat if someone happens to say things that aren‘t agreeable on some internet forum…
Do you guarantee this level of safety? Will guests be able to post? Can forum banned people lose their mysteinberg accounts? Can people register to the forum without elicenser or mysteinberg?

a rich ecosystem of plugins, opening up the possibility for new features > yeah yeah, this format (phpbb) has it all… video files communications addons , anything really- you chose not to activate those little checkmarks in the admin panel for years it seems
an effective user reputation, trust and reward system for recognising positive contributions to our community> we had this already with a thanks system… again, you chose to de-activate / delete all previous rep at one point… shrugs smiley
We’re still preparing for the changeover and will soon let you know when you can expect the new system to be available. In the meantime, we’d invite you to ask any questions you might have on a dedicated forum post about the move.
oh, didnt read that last sentence… lol, well, here is said post i guess> :joy:

Here are some questions you might already have:

Can I try out Discourse before you switch across?
A: Absolutely! That’s a great idea. You can create a temporary account on Discourse’s demo system: >
how safe is it, has it ever been hacked, all the customer websites they have look awful… all shouting but saying nothing useful - prefer the phpbb format

What will happen to all the posts on the old forums?
We’re planning to migrate all the user accounts (including your username and post counts) and the majority of the forum posts to Discourse.
Are you going to delete all posts / accounts of people who were banned?

What can I do to prepare?
To make the transition as smooth as possible, we would encourage you to edit your account settings to ensure the email address on your forum account is exactly the same as your MySteinberg account. If you don’t have a MySteinberg account yet, sign up for one using the same email address you use on the forum.

Will the forums be unavailable at any point and, if so, for how long?
We’re able to do the bulk of the work in the background in preparation for the move, but there may be up to a day where the old forums are switched to “read-only” mode while we ensure the most up-to-date user data is migrated. Once Discourse is live, the old forums will be switched off.

shoulda spent the time , money, resources into fixing things

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The new forum design sucks. Log-in and most other links do not work with Pale Moon or the Firefox ESR browsers. There is logical “Mark forum as read” either.

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Forums are fine.

Stop crying.

Crying? Criticism of a poor forum / social system = ‘crying’ and you decided to come post that? Forum is trash. Deal with it.