In search for Solidus / fraction slash

I am typing chord symbols and I am desperately trying to get a Solidus / fraction slash / rythmic slash on the height of my chord symbols. I know how to make slash regions etc. But I essentially want a rythmic slash as a chord symbol, so that when I have written out music or a rest in the system, I can still clearly indicate on which beat a chord is played.

I actually write rhythmic notation above the staff like so:

This would be the easiest, most consistent way to create rhythmic hints above the staff! - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

For just slashes in-line with chord symbols, you could use a custom playing technique?



If you don’t use the Cue method, the Playing Technique method has benefit of the crosshairs, so aligning them is easier than using Text for example.


Thanks to both of you! The screenshot @FredGun shared is exactly what I want. However, how do I create these lines? Playing technique popover and then…? Or do I have to create them in the editor first? Thanks in advance!

I created the slash as Playing Technique first. In the editor choose glyph instead of text, hit the Edit Component pencil, delete the filler text, select the slash glyph and add it from the Slash Noteheads range. Searching the range dropdown can be a bit of a pain, but that particular range is near the top.

Great, this works! Thank you! Though I do wonder why it`s not just available as a chord symbol. If you take a look at the realbook, this sign is all over the place and it IS handy. Having it as a chord symbol would be a lot more convenient.

If you save the Playing Technique as a default (the star icon), you will have it available in all your future projects.

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