In Search of a DAW that will run with OS 10.8.5

Now that I learn that my Tascam US-428 DAW isn’t compatible with Mac OS 10.8.5 because of the 64 bit OS vs. 32 bit driver, I am stuck looking for a DAW that will work with Cubase 4 and OS 10.8. Any suggestions?

There is some confusion there, Cubase is a DAW and the current version 7.5 works with 10.8, while Tascam US428 is an audio interface however and does not work with 10.8. Any modern multi I/O audio interface should be able to replace the Tascam and work on the Mac like the UR824: The Center of Your Recording | Steinberg for instance, if you want something cheaper the Behringer and are absolute bargains and need no drivers to work with OSX10.8

Exactly so, my confusion is that the US-428 calls itself a DAW, but clearly, as you say, it is an audio interface. Thank you for these recommends.