In Search of a DAW that will run with OS 10.8.5

Now that I learn that my Tascam US-428 DAW isn’t compatible with Mac OS 10.8.5 because of the 64 bit OS vs. 32 bit driver, I am stuck looking for a DAW that will work with Cubase 4 and OS 10.8. Any suggestions?

There is some confusion there, Cubase is a DAW and the current version 7.5 works with 10.8, while Tascam US428 is an audio interface however and does not work with 10.8. Any modern multi I/O audio interface should be able to replace the Tascam and work on the Mac like the for instance, if you want something cheaper the Behringer and are absolute bargains and need no drivers to work with OSX10.8

Exactly so, my confusion is that the US-428 calls itself a DAW, but clearly, as you say, it is an audio interface. Thank you for these recommends.