In Setup mode, players list´s tick-box disappears

In v4.1.0.1076:
the tick-boxes to the right in the Players list suddenly are out of view. This happens after modifiying one or more players. I cannot get it back by toggling the panel, nor by trying to drag the panel wider. See screenshot.
Skjermbilde 2022-06-10 kl. 13.24.48

Weird… I thought this problem was solved in 4.1…

No, I’m afraid not. It’s existed as long as Dorico has, though it does seem easier to trigger it these days, for some reason. The problem is caused by a disagreement between the actual width of the name of the player and what Dorico thinks is its width, causing the panel to be drawn a bit wider than the container it’s allowed in. We will sort this out once and for all when we complete the transition to the new user interface framework, though that is a long-term project, so no immediate improvement is likely.


Would abbreviating the longest Player Name(s) and restarting Dorico help temporarily solve this then in each file where it occurs?

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Yes, indeed, provided you don’t need the longer player name for some reason.

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