In the Download Assistant, How do I know what is included with my version of cubase pro?

i have never understood how to know what items inside the download assistant are items i have paid for .

so when i download them they are not the demo, but , a full thing i have already paid for .

for instance , i have paid for cubase pro 10.5 .

the cubase pro 10.5 includes some instruments , but not all the available downloads are included and some only downloaded as “demo” .

i understand marketing is way out of control everywhere . if i want something i will get it . no problem .
i do not need to see there is a cubase le ,
i do not need to know about nuendo . i very much enjoyed nuendo 2 , but i use cubase now .
wavelab seems redundant since i already have cubase already . i’m sure there is some function in wave lab that is smoother to do than in cubase , but , i dont care . . .
i’m not interested in dorico .

i do not want to download so many GB just to delete it again immediately .
i do not want to demo anything .

i am using cubase since windows 98se . i don’t want to demo anything anymore . i have tryed everything else already .
i just want what i paid for that was included with cubase pro 10.5 with out having to look at trials

the things i care about are the VST instruments & plugins section , and the groove agent kits and styles section .
i don’t typically use loops or preset sounds but for the sake of completion , are some of the sounds and loops included ?

or not ?

i don’t know !

how would i know with out downloading them , have them be a trial period only and then deleting them ?

if any one can help me i will love you for ever

unconditionally of course , don’t feel obligated to reciprocate

hopefully its something simple that i have overlooked

thank you in advance for your time in reading this and any assistance more assistive than the download assistant .

Hi and welcome,

It’s very simple.

If you have Cubase Pro 10.5 license, go to the Cubase section and click to Cubase Pro 10.5 on the left side. Here you get Cubase Pro 10.5 Full Installer. Download it, install it. This includes all components, which are part of Cubase Pro 10.5 license. So you get everything, nothing is missing and you will not install anything, you don’t have a license for.

If you have Cubase Pro 11 license, go to the Cubase section and click to Cubase Pro 11 on the left side. There is no Full Installer anymore, because the users were complaining, they don’t want to download the full package always. If you want to get everything, what is part of Cubase 11 license, download all items from the list here and install them. You get everything, nothing is missing and you will not install anything, you don’t have a license for. If you know, you are not going to use any of the component, you don’t have to download it.

Don’t download anything else from other sections (Samples, Loops, Instruments), if you don’t have the dedicated license for this product.

thank you very much .

that does seem very simple .

i’m just a complicated enough person to mess it up .

so , all the things are a paid product? that’s simple enough.

i guess my confusion started when padshop was upgraded for cubase 10 or 10.5 when ever that was last year in the spring .

it was downloaded separately to upgrade . but not from the cubase section .

i wonder is there other upgrades i didn’t hear about ?
or, once i have the latest full installer that is all there is for it and the download assistant could just be uninstalled ?

i am in the process of setting up what will be the new audio workstation computer and will need to install / migrate many softwares . witch is the only reason i am thinking about this . i am actually very happy with what software i have been using , it’s the older hardware that is reaching its limits and forcing the changes .

i’m trying to lay the groundwork to make the change as painlessly as possible .

thank you for your help with that and for your patience with me .


Exactly. Once you have the Full Installer, all components are there. Of course, sometimes some updates might be announced and it’s recommended to install them.

Yes, you can uninstall Steinberg Download Assistant then.