"In The Flicker of An Eye" - a requiem

This songs was written about six years ago but I recently revisited it and have created a fresh new version. It was prompted by the sad and tragic story of one of my online muso friends (used to be a regular here) who lost a son (19) recently. :cry:

The vocal is (mostly) my original take, sung after my father passed away. I’ve done a bit of a rewrite and shortened it but its still relatively long… and rather somber…

"In The Flicker Of An Eye"

A sad song nicely developed, nice piano playing and sound…very moody, Like it, …6 mins is a bit long but you do mention that in your post…cheers, Kevin

Yeah, 6 mins is a bit long. But nevertheless it sounds good in both the production and arrangement aspects. Perhaps the strings could have done some more interweaving with counter-melodies, even subtly, but they fit very well as they are anyway. Good job as usual.

I love this track, piano playing is superb the ticking clock sound, the verb on tambourine is nice, drums sound good too. I like string arrangement to me they are very subtle. Just think at 4:00~ where break down is bass drum pattern needs to change to 1 and 3 or just on 1. Give it some breath there…
Great Track

Six minutes too long…? Pft! The original was seven! :laughing:
Still my record is 17mins… :wink: But yeah…definitely not ‘radio-friendly’…

Kinda ironic perhaps that this is the very advice I gave on Kevin’s latest tune :slight_smile: But I kinda wanted to keep them somewhat understated on this one, I didn’t think a busier arrangement would really suit… could be wrong of course!

Thanks for the listens guys. :slight_smile:

Cheers, glad you liked this one. Good tip too… I’ll give that a test drive and see how it sits. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just listened again…what piano vst are you using ? it’s got a nice depth to it that I can not seem to achieve, even with Ivory !!!..Kevin

It’s the NI Kontact version of "Alicia Keys’ C3neo custom built Yamaha



Thanks…tempted to get it…sounds so good…Kevin

Alicia’s Keys does sound good, I personally like the sound of it in the demo tracks on their website and the price is good unless you don’t happen to own any Kontakt stuff and have to pay a few hundred for the Kontakt player. I’d have considered this piano but it’d cost more than the EWQL pianos if I also had to buy the Kontakt player :confused:

I’m buying EWQL’s Pianos next week for under 200 euro and you get 4 different world class pianos, including a very, very similar Yamaha one to this Alicia’s Keys.

Good point…I’ll take a look at the EWQL pianos…I’ve got Ivory but am rather disappointed with it…

Check this out and view videos starting with impressions. I have EWQL/Ivory and stopped here it’s the bomb http://www.viennaimperial.com/#!overview

OH MY GOD…amazing…but expensive…

The EWQL pianos are rather disappointing, even though there are 13 velocity layers, they are still somewhat unevenly distributed. A few digital piano geeks have tested the EWQL pianos, and have found that one of the samples for the Bechstein model has a siren in the background! It is reported that their noise floor is rather high throughout all the models. OTOH, you can tell that Quantum Leap was aiming for a studio miced piano sound, which they got, but Ivory (especially) sounds more natural, with the library more characteristic of the original pianos.

Shadowfax, I would recommend you check out the Galaxy II set. Their demos are fantastic to my ear, and their Vintage D piano is one of the most revered pianos for playability by concert pianists. Available are the Bosendorfer 290 and Steinway D that were included in Ivory as well as A German Bluthner in place of the Yamaha.

I apologize, Sherz, for getting off topic. :blush:

That Vienna piano does sound fantastic Kenny but it’s not the best piano really for pop/rock, although it’d still sound decent with the close mic! I’d love it in some of my orchestral arrangements with the stage mic, more so than the EWQL Pianos, but at nearly 3x the price of EWQL currently it’s just not something I am considering right now :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps when I am richer but for now I need to choose my libraries carefully since there are many I still need.

For £191 in the sale for the full 250gb EWQL library you can’t really complain though for the 4 different pianos you get. After listening to some of the Vienna demos I would prefer that piano for that stuff, but it just lacks the flexibility. Alicia’s Keys are a good price for what you get but again, playing classical or placing it on a stage in an orchestral arrangement wouldn’t sound as good as that Bosoendorfer 290.

So overall, weighing up the flexibility and price with sound quality the EWQL library is right for me. If you have no budget, getting them all would be great.

The Kontact player was free.

I just paid $99 for the piano and the player (Kontact 5) was included…


Beautiful, Ian. You drew me in on the first listen.
Gorgeous production, and your voice is very soothing on this.
Hell, even the -snare- is sweet. :wink:

And a nice gesture for a friend who is hurting. :frowning:


Thinking about it I don’t think I’ve actually used it in a classical setting (yet). The last pop-orchestral stuff I did I was still using ‘The Grand’ - which I believe is actually a sampled Bosoendorfer.

Well…hello stranger! :astonished:
Cheers Lenny, so glad you approve of the snare! :wink:


“Q: What is the difference between KONTAKT 5 PLAYER and KONTAKT 5?
A: KONTAKT 5 and the new KONTAKT 5 PLAYER are now the same application, but KONTAKT 5 PLAYER has most instrument editing features disabled,”

Alicia’s Keys say; NOTE

This product runs in the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER and in KONTAKT 5.

Glad you mentioned what you were using Sherz, this will be a nice and cheap investment for the pop songs I have currently in Sibelius with horrible Microsoft synth sounds xP

Sucks that the 8dio Requiem choirs require the full expensive version. Excited to buy this tomorrow though :smiley:

Hi Bane…your right…the Vintage D is very nice…making it harder to choose…