In the tempo lane, is there a way to replicate a tempo pattern across measures?

In order to gain a more life-like playback, I like to draw in a bit of rubato in every measure. I often do this by letting Dorico play the first beat (or half-beat) just a smidge slower (minus 1 or 2 BPM normally), followed by an equally subtle acceleration, resulting in a wave-like tempo curve. Is there a way that I can replicate this tempo pattern across every measure, without having to draw it in every single measure? In other words, is there copy-paste for tempo? If not, I’d like to enter it as a feature request.

I don’t think it’s possible in Play mode directly, but once you’ve drawn in the changes you want in one bar, if you switch to Write mode you can select the signposts for those changes and copy/paste those as normal (either select, Ctrl/Cmd-C then Ctrl/Cmd-V to paste, or select them and Alt-click each position you want to copy them to).

Thanks a ton, Lillie!