In the top left-hand corner of the WL Project program, beneath the 'File Browser' tab

…there is a horizontal window that will display an audio file I want to listen to. I can select what audio file I want to sample before dragging it into the project window to work on. However, clicking on the ‘Play’ arrow (although I can see the various output meters reacting to the audio file) I can’t hear any sound from my monitors. Also, once I select this ‘play’ option there, if I load and try to play another audio file, my main main project audio file will not play (curser is frozen and no audio). Instead, as I hit play in the project window, the new audio sample that I wanted to listen to will play (lighting up the meters) but no audio will be heard again, from either source. Another mention, if I close the project and reopen it, audio will return to my project if I hit the project play button. The WL program does not shutdown when this happens and as I look at my audio connections everything is normal.

How do I sort this feature ? Is it a bug? Thanks.

Please add a screenshot.

How about as video? A Dropbox link to you?

OK, wait a minute. Strange, it seems the software is changing it’s behavior. Suddenly after repeated stops and starts and changing folders to sample audio from, the audition PLAY ‘works’ and plays audio. However, I see something that doesn’t seem right, and may well be the reason I was experiencing the problem I had…

When I hit the audition play button, the project play button turns green. I can click the project stop button (or space bar) it stops the audition play. And, if I do not click on the project track directly, the space bar will sometimes control the audition play and stop function - but not every time. Why would this happen when the two tracks (audition and project track) have their individual play/stop buttons? When I now go to the project play button or space bar (after clicking on the project track), there is a 2-3 seconds of audio missing as the curser moves and the project audio begins playing. If I stay with the project track, it plays correctly without losing any audio as play starts. However, if I go back to the audition audio area and hit that play button, the same behavior repeats again.

Is this normal behavior?

I sent you a link in PM.

PG1, one false start but you should have the video now.

Concerning your video:

The space bar:

  • if the focus is inside the audio editor, the edited file plays.
  • if the focus is inside the file browser, the selected file browser file plays.

On your video, in the file browser, the button “play through Master Section” is OFF.

This means if you play alternatively in the file browser and in the audio editor, an internal reconfiguration has to be done, primarily because of the constraints imposed by the external FX.

With this information, maybe you can see more clearly about your case.


I see. I did not realize the ‘star’ in the file browser controlled that function. That’s a good feature option that I never considered. And I can see the results on my interface react to the change so it must all be working correctly. Thank you Philippe!