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EDIT [the BBC iPlayer content is only available to those residing in the UK]
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Just saw this:-

At 3:43 on the left hand screen, sure looks like Cubendo (probably Nuendo…!?).

This is the BBC’s R & D dept (Chris Pike, senior scientist) experimenting with a new 360 degree audio production method specifically for VR applications, played back via stereo signals (for headphones/earbuds). Dynamic Binaural Sound.

At 3:45 is their main application (bespoke.?), seen on the centre monitor. But, thought I’d share this anyway, as I love spotting my fave DAW (ok, Cubase) out there, at work, in the real world…!


BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. Find out why.


Oops! Sorry about that; didn’t think… Yes, only available to those in the UK, for legal reasons… I’ll edit my OP…


Yep certainly is one of the versions of cubendo… nice to see!

The reason iPlayer is not available internationally is because here in the UK in order to legally watch British TV either ‘off air’, via the internet etc you have to purchase a yearly television licence, there can also be various ‘territorial’ licensing arrangements per ‘territory’ similar to the regionalisation of DVD/bluray etc…(which is a MASSIVE scam)
That’s how the BBC pays for itself as technically it cannot carry advertising… and long may it continue… not carrying advertising that is!
This is the main reason channels such as BBC4 are able to exist without the constant flow of dumbed down effluent the commercial channels are forced to broadcast as they are entirely beholden to their paymasters.
One of the main reasons a certain antipodean pedlar of moronic @~+&£$% wants the corporation closed down so they can destroy the last vestige of quality, intelligent programming here in the UK.

Yep, lived in the UK as a boy, remember the license thing even back then. (1960’s)

Sad that knowledge is bound by political borders… same goes with attempts at watching some US feeds in Canada…

Thanks to the OP for trying to share all the same :smiley:

OK I just got a couple of screen grabs for those outside the UK… i’m fairly sure this is allowed as it’s not for commercial purposes, more for our own education and insight into what goes on in one of the oldest, largest and most respected media organisations on the planet.

It definitely IS some kind of flavour of Cubendo… anyone expand on that?

Judging from the mixing console it’s a very recent version, 7 or 8.

Thinking about it… if it’s being used in TV post then i think it’s a reasonable assumption that it’s Nuendo?