In what folder are the HD files?

I have some questions regarding getting the HD files from my peformer.

  1. I have understood that the reason transfering the files are so slow is because audio and video is still transmitting, any chance transmission will
    be able to be turned off in a future version so that the transmission can go quickly?

  2. My performer turned off his computer during a transmission because he thought that they were all done. We did connect again and it started to transfer again. However I never got all of the files. In fact it even says that there are like 12 files left, but when I hit transfer it says it starts, but nothing really happens. ( dont see any numbers increasing down on the bottom border like I do when it really is transfering)

  3. In what folder are HD files put on my performer’s computer, if its a Mac? and what if its a PC with Windows?

  4. I hope to get more success by transfering the files yourselves and not within vst connect since its so slow and due to the missing of files like I mentioned above. But we are working on this project over several sessions, how will my performer know what files to send me each time? Does Vst connect create a new folder each time, perhaps separated by that days date? Or will vst connect put all the different files in the same folder, in that case are they named differently so that my performer know what session they were from, or does the performer have to check what date the files were created and figure out what files to send this way?

If I was sitting on my performers computer I could of course figure some of these things out myself, but my performers live too far away, and I want to be able to tell my peformer exactly what to do, and thus I have to know exactly how this works…

On Windows, there is the Performer Documents/VST Connect folder. Copy and transfer this entire folder (WeTransfer or the likes), and then in Cubase/Nuendo choose “Get local HD files” and point to the related folder (Cubase/Nuendo project name). On Mac I don’t know, but you should find a similar location.

So do you mean that EVERYTHING is just being put in that same folder? I mean as we work on different projects, and as we keep working on the project
that we are working on now it is going to be quite a few files, but you are saying that everyting is just put in the same folder?
In that case maybe this is an area in need of improvement :slight_smile:

As said, within the folder are folders named after the related Cubase/Nuendo project. Of course, you only need the according one.

ok, that sounds a little bit better, but what is the exact path then? is it
C:\Documents\vstconnect\myprojectname , or what is it? (something is saying me this is not the case)

Does anyone else know what the exact path is on a mac?

I just want to be proffessional here, and I am working with people who are not into computers, I want to be able to be very clear and precise about
where to find the files.

Also, I am still not sure about hos things work when we work during different sessions ( like a week later), does that create a new folder on my performers computer, with for example the name “myprojectsnameversion2” or are all the files put in the same folder so I have to tell my performer to check for the date the files were created, or how does it work?

"does that create a new folder on my performers computer, with for example the name “myprojectsnameversion2”
Yes, exactly so. Each Cubase Project creates a folder in said directory. So on Windows it’s
John Doe/Documents/VSTConnectPerformer/myprojectsnameversion2
where of course the name and project name are to be substituted.
On Mac…I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be hard to find (do a search on VSTConnect).
So you can transfer for instance the “myprojectsnameversion2” directory (given your Cubase project has been saved with that name) to your studio, open said Cubase project and apply “Get local HD files”, then point to that folder.

On Mac it is : USERS/username/Documents/VSTConnectPerformer

See you,

Great, thanks for the help, both of you!