Inability to complete purchase after approval

I submitted a request to purchase a crossgrade version of Cubase and it was approved. I was emailed to complete the purchase in a limited time frame with the credentials provided. However…

The login credentials don’t work. I tried resetting my password but it said that there is no such account. I’ve been desperately emailing to your support line so that I don’t lose this opportunity but, instead of answering my questions, I get answers unrelated to my question. Ridiculous! The time is going by and the time frame within which I am supposed to complete the transaction is almost done.

In all my despair, I decided to open an account with the email for which the crossgrade was approved hoping that maybe I would be able to complete the transaction regardless. However, to my disappointment, absolutely nothing. No option to proceed and purchase anything. I really don’t know what to say.

It’s been two days since the approval email to complete the transaction but the login credentials still don’t work and this account I opened myself does not even have a link to complete the transaction. I am deeply disappointed but still hoping that after 5 emails somebody will be able to tell me how to complete my purchase.

Thank you in advance and happy holidays.