Inaccurate Note Velocity Display in Key Editor (Dorico 4.3)

Dear all

I’ve noticed that when changing a note’s velocity by dragging a note in the key editor, Dorico shows (in a small text box) the velocity value at the mouse pointer’s (!) location rather than the actual note velocity value of the note at hand (the height of the bar)

Expected behavior: the small text box shows the current velocity value of the note at hand, such that even precise velocity values can be achieved, irrespective of from which mouse position the velocity change was initiated by dragging up/down (because you’ll never drag from precisely the top of the bar)

Here’s an extreme example (because you can initiate note velocity change by dragging from anywhere in the note’s vertical bar, not just at the very top)

Note Velocity

Here you see that the displayed velocity is 39 (because the mouse pointer happens to be dragging from there), even though the note’s actual velocity value is well over 100.

I hope this could be fixed?

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Yes, we know about this and we know it’s not ideal, but it’s not a bug insofar that this is how we expect the application to work. It’s important to allow the dragging of the velocity bar from any vertical position because it can be fiddly to get hold of the top of the bar, and of course you may be dragging a multiple selection of velocities, in which case they may well not have the same initial value to begin with. When you’re dragging multiple velocities, it’s not necessarily clear which velocity value should appear in the read-out. So this is our compromise, to show the value at the pointer. You might not like it, but it’s how it is!

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Thanks Daniel, really appreciate your time and effort, and thorough answer.

I fully agree, it makes sense to allow changing note velocity by dragging from anywhere within the velocity bar.

I’d still like to make the case for the following behavior:

  • Drag on a single note: show the note’s actual velocity value (instead of the mouse pointer)

  • Drag on multiple notes: show the delta by how much every note’s velocity is increased (+d) or decreased (-d), if the change is applied to all velocities absolutely. If velocity is changed relatively, then show a percentage?

The second point would also address the concern of “when you’re dragging multiple velocities, it’s not necessarily clear which velocity value should appear in the read-out” .

The way it currently works is non-informative in both cases, isn’t it? For single notes it shows a “random” value, where the mouse pointer happens to be when dragging, not related to the note’s actual velocity. And for multiple notes, the display of the mouse pointer’s location is also not related to any of the velocities. So the current read-out doesn’t really provide anything?

Just my two cents of course (as someone who really likes Dorico and how you and the team move it forward) :slight_smile:

All the best


Daniel -

A question and an NFR.

The question: Perhaps I’m overlooking something obvious - is there any display which gives the current value of the velocity of a note - that is short of clicking on it (which potentially alters the value unless you are very precise and can click exactly at the top)

The NFR: Provide a mechanism to change the velocity (or any parameter) of the selected notes by some % and/or value.

For a note with overridden velocity, you can see its velocity in the Properties panel. For a note without overridden velocity, at present, you cannot. We did at one stage have a spin control in the editor header at the left-hand side of the velocity editor that allows you to specify a particular value, which doubled up as a read-out of the current value, but this was removed (and although we have discussed adding it back again, that hasn’t happened).

Use the transform tool to increase or reduce velocities by percentage or by value.

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