Inaccurate waveforms when zoomed out

I’ve noticed, since upgrading to 12.0.30pro, that the waveforms for audio events have become unreliable when zoomed out. Here is the end of a waveform at three different zoom levels. It clearly seems to extend beyond the right edge of the selected range when zoomed out, but if I zoom in, it is clear that it really finishes before the end of the range selected. I;ve never had this happen in any previous versions from SX3-11pro. My machine is a Macbook pro i9 (16" 2019) running Monterey.
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 18.08.05
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 18.08.28
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 18.08.44

Try turning preference: interpolate audio waveforms off, and see if it’s any better.

In the first image, the locator is slightly to the left, while in the two others it is perfectly snapped to the grid… Seriously, anyone could have noticed this.
This has nothing to do with the waveform display, and even if it was, disabling Interpolate Audio Waveform wouldn’t change anything since it is just an anti-aliasing that smooths pixels out.
Just a user mistake there.

I can see why you’d think this, but you’ve not looked carefully enough at the numbers on the timeline, especially in the first (zoomed out) image. For info, the grid is set to timecode and frames (of a movie). The audio wave ends during 1:34, frame 14. If you look more carefully at the timeline on the first, zoomed out, image, you’ll notice that the first vertical gridline is 1:30:(start of frame 1). So everything you’re seeing in the next picture sits within the last of the five seconds you see in the first. So I can assure you that the snap to grid and right locator position (at 1:34, start of frame 15) is EXACTLY the same in all images, and was not moved from one image to the next.

Yeah I’ve noticed this too, when the waveform shrinks it needs to merge the pixels.
The thing is that at such a low zoom level, the rounding may cause the pixels to protrude to the right a little, but nothing more than one or two pixels.
When you are editing audio you normally don’t do it at such a low zoom level because of the lack of precision… Or maybe do you ?

I am also seeing the locator misplaced not the waveform. I understand that you didn’t move it but that’s what it seems like

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I wish I could post a screen recording as a video. Basically, as I zoom out and in, then back out again, the end of the waveform moves from before the marker (left of it, correct) to past the marker (right of it, incorrect) and back again. I would’ve thought that the way the thing is computed to be drawn ought to be accurate enough at all scales to avoid it getting longer on the timeline than it really is. That’s all.

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I noticed the issue but for me it doesn’t go that far to the right, it is no more than 3 pixels.
Yours seems and is more than this !
I’ll investigate further and post my findings here.
This indeed has to be improved / fixed. Sorry for being pessimistic at first :sweat_smile: