inactivate Volume Controller in Playback


I found out, that the volume of my Playback instrument is controlled by the Controller CC7 in the playback. I would much rather control the volume b using the volume controls in my Player (Kontakt or Halion). The only way to control my volume, is to draw a line in the Playback widow for CC7.
Is there a way to inactivate this, so I can use the volume controls in my player?

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Why not just set the volume controller in the expression map you’re using to use CC7 so that dynamics are translated directly into the appropriate MIDI controllers?

Hi Daniel,

yes but still I want to “mix” certain instruments, also because they have different default sounds.
In Logic, there is a possibility to erase all Control Data in the “Head” of the track.
I would like to be able to set the overall volume in my Player and then have the dynamics played back in relation to that.