Inactive MIDI Ports, Driver or Port Conflicts

What does it mean in Cubase when A MIDI port is set to be Inactive (under Studio/Studio Setup/MIDI Port Setup)?

Does Cubase then not use the Inactive port at all?

Would this then avoid potential conflicts, where a hardware synth and its VST app or editor both attempt to use the same port?

I thought this would be the case, however…

I’m trying to use Midi Quest (MQ) in Cubase via the MQ app, to control my Korg Kronos synth. I have 2 ports set up in Cubase for the Kronos (“Kronos Cubase” to communicate with the synth itself, and “Kronos MQ” for the MQ app, with the Kronos MQ port being set to Inactive with the idea that Cubase would then leave that port available for MQ to use), and I’m still experiencing a driver or port conflict which causes Cubase to freeze.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



This only means, the MIDI Port has not been used in the project (as an input or output) yet. Once you use it, this switches to Active.

You don’t need to use Midi Quest to work with KORG Kronos. Use the KORG Kronos plug-in, then you can control all you need from the familiar GUI (the same GUI as the Kronos HW has).

The last I knew, that KORG plugin was 32-bit only, and I couldn’t use it on my computer.

I see that they now offer a 64-bit plugin editor, but only for Mac. I use a PC.

Thanks anyway.