Inbuilt EQs seem to be shifting by themselves???

I’m having this very weird problem in Nuendo 10.

Whenever I do my EQ moves, and have them in place as desired - after awhile, all the EQ points seem to SHIFT towards the left by themselves!

It’s like there’s a ghost in Nuendo.

I’ve attached 2 screenshots.

The first screenshot shows the original positions of the EQ nodes.

The second screenshot shows how the positions of those nodes have shifted by themselves towards the left!

This is driving me crazy, as I can no longer depend on using Nuendo’s inbuilt EQ anymore. Please help!

okay you know what, I’m a total buffoon.

I’m using Lemur as a controller and as it turns out, it had alot of crap commands that were intefering with Nuendo.
I deleted everything I didn’t need, and now everything works as expected.

Sorry for wasting your time, lol

No need to apologize it was intriguing for a moment.

Buffoons are very smart!