Incipit in 5.1.30

The tools for creating an incipit as shown in the blog are great - thank you.
A nice addition would be a property to enable antique clefs in the incipit.
I made the following using graphic slices - laboriously for a 3 choir piece. with alternative part layouts.

Really, we need a Clef Editor, so we can create the additional set of Clefs that each use a different form of C-clef, depending on their staff position.

However, it is currently possible to add additional clefs by creating a .doricolib file with the necessary XML. There are several threads here about adding extra clefs. I plan to provide such a lib for just this use case shortly. I’ll let you know.

Oh: I notice you’ve still got the system bracket’s wings showing, btw.

PS. I’d really encourage you not to put barlines across vocal staves!!!