Include group name or player short name in cue label by default

I am currently working on a score with many choirs, and am in the process of adding cues to each choral score. Each ‘choir’ is a group of players, with each voice part being a separate player.

As far as I am aware, the string contained in the cue label seems to be based on the instrument’s short name unless this has been overridden via the Properties panel, and this behaviour can’t be changed.

Due to the way that I need the score to be set out, the short names need to remain generic (e.g. S1), and the choir that each voice belongs to is specified through the player group. The instrument’s short name alone isn’t specific enough for the choral scores, which really need to show the group and the short name (e.g. Ch7 S1).

A good solution was proposed in another thread:

This works for when only the occasional change is needed, but is far too long of a process to go through for every cue (this is a very large score with many cues).

Is there a way to achieve the result that I am after, or a way to automate the process of changing the label (perhaps through a shortcut or macro)?

If it would be easier to implement, having the ability to base the cue label on the player, rather than the instrument, and then add the desired short name to the player instead would also work.

Thanks in advance.

There’s no way to specify that the cue name should include the short group name as well as the short instrument name in a cue label, I’m afraid. For the time being you will have to perform these edits manually via the Properties panel.

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