Include OCR recognition in Cubase and Dorico

One more request to include OCR recognition in Dorico and Cubase. It would save a lot of time to copy PDF in XML for both programs

Creating OMR software is very difficult and takes a lot of time. It’s unlikely that the small Dorico team would be able to make their own OMR software.

At best, they’d have to offer a ‘Lite’ version of one of the existing apps which exist. And ‘Lite’ versions usually don’t work as well as the full version.

So you might as well buy one of the existing apps. You’re not going to save more time than that.

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Hi @Carlos_Suaznabar and welcome to the Forum!

As @benwiggy suggests, I agree that you are better served using an existing dedicated software.
I assume that you are referring, as ben suggests, to OMR (Optical Music Recognition) software rather that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) .
One that I use and recommend is Playscore2. It is a OMR software that also recognise Text, Lyrics and guitar chords. You can use it also with a monthly fee, that you can deactivate and reactivate as needed. And you can send XML into Dorico very comfortably.