Include solo state in Export Queue

I would be great to be able to make stems from soloed tracks. Add to queue. Solo a bunch of different tracks and then add that to the queue.

Most of the time when I make stems from a project I need to build subsets with different soloed tracks. And exactly what goes into which stem is hard to predict when starting up the project.

I get that this might be a fragile system and the queue might “break” when working with the project or if mutes or sends are automated. But I could def live with those limitations because it would save hours for every mix I do.

Or is this already possible?

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No one needs this? :wink:

Imagine freely configurable batch stems export where bus and send effects just happily works and no spill between busses. No need to pre plan everything with how you use busses and sends. Saving processing power by reducing the need to use separate reverbs for every stem/bus.