Include SuperVision from Cubase 11 with WaveLab (Pro)

SuperVision provides an awesome set of metering capabilities that can be setup and configured in one plugin and one container - this, or a similar container mode with existing WaveLab meters plus anything new from SuperVision would be a great addition to WaveLab… currently I need a mix of meters and plugins plus some from WaveLabs which means opening times slowed as they all open, and screen is somewhat messy to get all the needed meters up at once. Having SuperVision (or similar, although SuperVision with sharing of presets/layouts would be awesome) could probably cover 80% of my metering needs and very much simplify the final plugin stage/layout when Mastering. This would be a great set of commonality across products that would simplify workflow for those of us producing, mixing and mastering our material.

See also Allow Supervision & Imager Plugins to run in wavelab - #3 by krevvy which has this request from the Cubase side!

For the time being, I guess you are aware that all WaveLab meters can be gathered in a single Control Window (with free docking/placement), which one window can be placed on a single screen.

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I must admit I had not worked that out - will certainly have a play with that. Thanks.

Having looked at this now in some detail, I still think that the addition (or ability to use) SuperVision with WaveLabs would be really useful: specifically SuperVision offers three more (very useful) stereo meters than WaveLabs with its Panorama, Correlation and Multi-Correlation options in addition to the standard Phasescope available in WaveLab.