Include Timecode in Video Renders (meta data, not burn-in)

These days a lot of reviews are taking place via Frame.IO and other platforms that are timecode aware. Notes left in Frame.IO are timecode accurate and can be downloaded as marker files with timecode. But that all hinges on the video export having been done with proper timecode.

Right now the ‘Export Video’ function has a ‘add timecode’ checkbox, however it adds a burn-in and doesn’t set the timecode of the rendered file correctly. That’s nice but not as useful in today’s workflows.

I think TC can be added to .mp4 renders by setting the start time code metadata of the exported file. Otherwise another codec may be in order, which would be nice as well.

Right now I have to make a mixdown and then attache it a timecoded video render outside of Nuendo, which is an extra step, and tedious if you just render a specific section, not from the start.

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