Included content in Cubase 10 pro


New here and new to Cubase 10 pro so I hope this isn’t a stupid question.

I wanted to use Groove Agent SE5 to lay down a drum track and I noticed there’s a drop down tab saying “all instrument sets” -an included one is for example Beat Essentials.When I go to open one of those sound sets i get the message that the sound set will expire within a certain time frame.What I want to know is which ones come with Cubase 10 “in the box” (so to speak) and will therefore keep working.I don’t want to use sounds that will “expire”

Also the download manager has got all these different instruments and sound sets.How do i know which I’m supposed to download or come with Cubase to -or are they all extra cost?

This is pretty confusing having only had experience with Cubase 5 years ago.

A big thanks