Included plug-ins

I am a bit confused as to which plug-ins come with VST Connect Performer. We will need to use a virtual guitar amp. Does VST Amp Rack (and VST Bass Amp) come with VST Connect Performer, or do I need to get a third-party amp simulator?

It doesn’t come with any plugins- but if the performer owns a Steinberg Product that has a plugin, it can be used. Be sure to set up the VST2 directory. See attachment

Thanks Steve. I guess we’ll have to search for a third-party amp-sim then. It’s a shame. After all, one of the main selling points for VST Connect is that the Performer shouldn’t be required to be a Steinberg user.

Steinberg should think about this, and include “locked” versions of the VST/VSTi plug-ins with VST Connect Performer. As things are now, they force their customers to spend money on third-party software (from which Steinberg makes no money) unnecessarily, and not being able to use the plug-in I already have!