Included VST intruments and Samples/Loops are not showing up

I recently installed Cubase Artist 10 and cannot find the included software instruments and samples/loops,
The only instruments showing up are LoopMash Mystic Prologue and Spector.
The main VST’s I want are Halion Sonic SE 3 and Groove Agent SE 5.
Did I miss something I needed to download?
Any help is appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Download and install the Full Installer, please.

Where is this full installer located?


In the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you, it is currently reinstalling.
That is where it installed from the first time I did it, but I’m guessing it may have malfunctioned?
Oh well, we’ll see if it works this time.
Again, thank you.

Hi again,
I reinstalled Cubase Artist 10 again from the download assistant and am still having the same issue.
Any help would be much appreciated!