Incoming Latency Issue


While running like 80 audio tracks and some FX plugins here and there. I got a pretty weird issue concerning the latency of my VSTI.

When i run a full blank session and load a Kontakt instrument or any other instruments there’s absolutely no problem with the latency.
When it comes to a bigger session with multiple instruments and audio tracks + FXplugins VST3 and others, at some point the latency when playing starts to be very bad. Like a good 30 ms or more. I don’t know what happens honestly, my buffer are set to 128 and usually it never causes me any problem.

Of course i tried disabling “constrain delay compensation” or every Inserts or else. Nothing change.

It only happens since a week so I might have touched something wrong xD.

I run Cubase 11 and just udpated today but still same.
Mac OS Mojave
Universal Audio Apollo Silverface (Firewire)

Need help please :slight_smile:

maybe one of your fx plugins has a lot of latency.

did you check your latency pr channel?

ok yeah so it seems that i got a 255ms delay on the Stereo which is very weird. I never had that issue before. Didn’t felt any latency on previous project so i’m wondering why since i updated to 11 i have now that problem.
I should be able to play without any latency even on a big project. Any idea how to make this work better without having to disable the delay comp… ?

some plugins introduce latency. the more instances of the plugin it just goes higher.

you just have to enable the latency monitor display on the mixer, and check your different plugins and make a decision on how to work around it I guess

some plugins like the Fabfilter Q3 has different latency values for different modes, so it is just the way it goes. I don’t notice any latency difference from Cubase 10 to 11 myself. If anything I feel Cubase 11 is a bit more snappy on the CPU, but I haven’t done a ton of work in v11 yet.

but I am pc, you are mac so I am not sure how that works for you.

I see you use the UAD plugins. if you go to the “configuration” in the UAD control panel there is a button called “extra buffering”. Could it be as simple as that was unchecked before and now it is checked? this will introduce extra latency as well.

OK sure, i checked all this and yeah i’m using fabfilter Pro Q3 and else but what i’m not really understand is that i never had this problem before… ANy idea why ?