Incoming Midi CC info: where do I see it?

Hi everyone,

I am a composer/arranger from Holland. I recently switched from Logic 9 to Cubase 7.5 because the latter seems to be handling my 8-core processor Mac Pro a lot better. I’m glad the learning curve isn’t too steep.

However there’s one little thing affecting my work-flow. Logic used to display/monitor in and outgoing midi cc messages in its transport bar. Is there such a function in Cubase? I only see a midi input meter with no further info peak in the Cubase transport bar. Lots of VST instruments have different behaviour depending on midi cc values. I know them by heart, but if I can’t see what I’m putting in there it remains guessing, which takes more time than neccesary.

I hope someone knows the answer to this one.
Thanks in advance!


try using the midi monitor plugin in the channel insert of the channel you want to monitor