Incomming Midi Ports

I have a few different MIDI inputs available to Cubase. I am trying to use 2 different drum plugins and I am trying to have Cubase assign 1 MIDI input to one of the plugins and a different MIDI input to the second one but is just isn’t working out. Any ideas on this kind of setup would be greatly appreciated. I’ve really been fighting with this. Tried putting MIDI input 1 on channel 10 to the first drum plugin and MIDI input 2 on channel 11 to the second one also.

And would it be too much to ask to tell us what exactly is the problem then? Cause if done correctly, it will work.

Sorry, I can only get one, or the other plugins to work at the same time. When I assign the Midi input for the plugin, it disables the other one and vice versa. These MIDI inputs are two separate entities. One is on my audio interface and the other is a 4 port midi interface.

Are we to keep guessing the exact signal paths?

OK, spelled out, drum pads into an Alesis Trigger I/O into Maudio Lightbridge into Cubase into BFD, second part: Roland Octapad into Midisport into cubase into EZ Drummer.

Screen shot of inspector for each track and of MIDI port setup in device setup?

Sorry, I’m miles away from the studio.

Sounds to me like you have auto montitor selected track set. You need to click the monitor button on both tracks.

I will check that out later on.