Incompatibility Error in 5.0.10 (solved)

Greetings Folks and I hope this finds you all well.

Trying to get VST Connect online but am getting the “Incompatibility Error”. I am running Cubase Pro 10.0.60 Build 396 (25FEB20). I just downloaded the latest VST Performer 5.0.20. Hoping someone can assist.

Hi Mike

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What version of VST connect are you running in Cubase (click on the steinberg logo to find out) ?
This needs to be the same version as the Performer app.

Is it PRO or SE ?

Version 5 SE needs Cubase 11 so if you are using the SE version you need to downgrade the Performer app to the last V4 one.

Thanks Dr. :slightly_smiling_face:

“What version of VST connect are you running in Cubase (click on the steinberg logo to find out) ?” - Looks like: and it is Cubase 10 PRO.

Looks like I will need to downgrade the Performer App to V4. I see a 4.0.44 - 05JUN20. I guess that would be the one?

I will try this right away. Thank you!

no probs - let me know if that works

Sadly, it has not resolved the issue. Same error message rec’d…

Actually, let me try this hotfix for V4 as well…

can you install v4.0.45 hotfix on the STUDIO (cubase) PC.

edit - you beat me to it…:slight_smile:

I applied the hotfix to the Performer Laptop. Let me also grab it on my Studio PC/Cubase 10 Pro. I think that’s what you are suggesting - apply the hotfix to the Cubase 10 PRO PC?

Will perform a restart…

drum roll…:slight_smile:


VST Connect Pro still shows V - the hotfix does not seem to have taken…
Tried to connect to the laptop - same error :frowning:

Double checking the Version on the VST Connect performer. It shows

ok - so the issue is getting the studio/cubase to v4.0.45

Do you have a licence for VST connect PRO ?

I do not. I am only running the free version of VST Connect Performer on the Laptop. On my Studio PC, I have a licensed version of Cubase 10 Pro. I have not acquired a license for VST Connect PRO ever. Do I need to do this?

no - SE is fine…it’s just with the PRO version you can run v5 (and you said VST connect PRO in your previous post)

Can you try reinstalling the VST connect PRO/SE that v4.0.45 that I linked above (full installer) on the CUBASE computer

The installer should tell you if it is going to update

100% I can do that. I will install the VST connect PRO/SE that v4.0.45 on my Studio PC, where Cubase 10 PRO is installed.

Sorry Doc, I had already done this. The installer also shows that it is “Already Installed”.

Sorry, I got locked out of the forum yesterday. Used my 22 messages :(…

You say "getting the “Incompatibility Error”. Note that in some cases, it cannot be determined if the other side is running a compatible version, so in case of connection failure, the message may read “Make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version!” This doesn’t necessarily mean that the other side is running an incompatible version. If that case can be identified, the message explicitly says "“Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version.” If the message is any different it is very likely that the connection fails because of other reasons - most often, some so called “security software”, additional virus scanner or firewall blocker. Imho these are all counter productive anyway.

merry christmas Musi :slight_smile:

looks like Mike can’t update his VST connect SE installation from v to v4.0.45 (post 11 in this thread)