Incompatibility of wave audio file (windows) on mac system


I used to work my cubase projects on windows (cubase 11).

I decided to start working them on a mac M1 Big Sur (11.5.2 version).

When I launch one of these projects on cubase 11 (on the mac), The audio tracks are empty (there are no waveforms).
The audio tracks don’t play.


Stéphane MILTON

Have you verified the the audio files were transferred to the storage media on the Mac?

I am a new mac user. I don’t know how to transfer the audio files to the storage media of the mac.

I just copied the folder of the project in « documents » folder of the mac.


In the Pool, you can find the path of the original WAV files. Most probably you will get ??? at the beginning of every single path, which means, Cubase cannot find the path at the fingernails system.

I would be surprised, if you didn’t get Missing Files messages while opening the project. In this dialog, you can set the path to the missing audio files.

If you stored your project correctly, the audio files of the given projects are stored in the Audio subfolder. You have to transfer these subfolders to the new system too.

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Okay, thanks i’m gonna try this and let you know


The issue is fixed.

Thanks for the response.