Incomplete bars after xml import from Sibelius: 2/2 (h, 1+1)

Overall I want nothing to do with Sib; but, I was sent a Sib file to merge into my Dorico score. Thus I am attempting to do this: Sib->Export xml. Dorico → Open Xml → cut & paste into my Dorico score.
There is a mismatch of beats around one particular sextuplet area, nothing before or after seems to have this particular problem. Dorico is signposting these as incomplete bars. This area is 4/4 and the prior material has complete bars.

Sib (v2021.2) score:

Dorico xml import:

Hard to tell the source of the messup, but there are extra half note rests inserted in mm122, mm123, mm124.

A separate bizarre behavior with copy-pasting from the xml Dorico file into my Dorico score, is that a couple times, the paste has only been partial, i.e. the copied area has notes, but the pasted area ends up partially empty (i.e. some bars end up containing notes, and some bars do not; i.e. copy both viol2 & viol3 staves, then in paste, the viol2 staff gets completely filled bars, the viol3 gets mostly filled but the paste just stops halfway through). Immediately pasting again, replaces the target area with all the notes, as should have happened in the first paste. This has reproduced itself twice now but has not recurred.

There is no mystery. Dorico parses the xml file as it sees it.

This is a problem that can happen if you paste into a project while Dorico is in the middle of activating that project for playback. You should find that things are fine if you wait for the project to finish activating when you switch between projects.

As to the XML, my guess is that Sibelius is exporting the end of the tuplet in the wrong place, but I’d have to see the XML file to be sure.

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I initially guessed that too except I had both projects Deactivated. (Both the xml project and the target project). So the hiccup was not related to playback. Although it could be blamed on general sluggishness of switching apps, not related to audio. It happened at least 6-7 more times after I posted. In one case all of the dynamics were pasted (including hairpins) but the notes except the first few were not; doing the same paste operation again filled everything in.